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Mahe Range

  Take off improved, curved design with rounded shapes, the ideal touch. Mahe enhances any bathroom. With several options of heat output and size, Mahe will adapt for any bathroom location.
Available in Classic, Cyclope® or Feunn versions.
And, with the Cyclope® option, control and programming are made easy. With the Feunn integrated fan heater, an additional 1000W offers
you faster temporary temperature increases.
Only EES can cuddle you like this way!
The steel heating body contributes
to the best heat exchange.
The thermodynamic fluid, especially designed for EES, favours optimum circulation and quickly diffuses heat on all the exchange surface of the towel rail. Its components also contribute to the permanent “hot point” effect.
Complies with the energy efficiency
requirements in the building regulation
part L 1 and 2.
Available in 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 1750
and 2000 Watts.
4 widths available: 500, 513, 550
and 563 mm.
Curved  Towel  Rail  Range

Available in 3 versions



Classic thermostat

Electronic thermostat 6 command pilot wire.
Large thermostat control knob.
Up to 2 hours boost.
Cyclope® thermostat


Exclusive to Kalirel: the Cyclope® control unit can be
installed anywhere in the bathroom.
Large LCD screen.
User friendly.
Programmable pilot wire.
ON/OFF button.
Adjustable boost: from 1 to 120 mins.
These towel rails can also be monitored with the
Cyclope® Radio Controller.
Feunn Cyclope® integrated fan heater


Fan heater output: 1000 watts.
Adjustable boost: from 1 to 120 mins.
Can be controlled with the Cyclope® control unit.
These towel rails can also be monitored
with the Cyclope® Radio Controller.



Technical specifications


Dimensions (mm)
  References Watts (w) Height Width Depth
Mahe Classic • Pilot wire MAHE CL 050050 500 875 500 80
MAHE CL 075050 750 1295 500 80
MAHE CL 100055 1000 1610 550 80
Mahe Cyclope® Radio
Control unit
MAHE CY 050051 500 882 513 110
MAHE CY 075051 750 1302 513 110
MAHE CY 100056 1000 1617 563 110
Mahe Feunn
Integrated fan heater
MAHE FE 150051 1500 902 513 155
MAHE FE 175051 1750 1322 513 155
MAHE FE 200056 2000 1637 563 155

Standards and Labels
EES radiators are individually tested at each stage of the production process.
The standards and labels awarded guarantee your safety: