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                                                                                   CyclopeŽ: EES launches the ZigBee revolution



A real technological advance, CyclopeŽ by EES is the 1st system of interactive thermoregulation and programming. Thanks to the ZigBee technology, the EES CyclopeŽ system acts as a permanent relay, passing on programs and instructions from a distance and receiving back information about the instruction simultaneously. Amazingly intelligent, CyclopeŽ by EES, offers an unequalled level of user-friendliness.

Thanks to the user friendly menu on the CyclopeŽ wireless programmer, the first of its kind in the world, adjustments to timings and temperature from anywhere in the residence couldn’t be easier.
EES CyclopeŽ complies with the Energy efficiency requirements in the Building Regulations Part L 1 and 2.
CyclopeŽ radio controller
The advantages of the radio controller
Transmission secured at distance.

Easy piloting of 15 wireless radiators.
Monitoring the consumption of electricity
by the heating.
Reduction of the electric load allowing
The user to reduce costs.
Compatibility with our CyclopeŽ towel rails.
Function adjustable timer boost of the electric towel
rails and the Feunn CyclopeŽ integrated fan heater.
Changing the brightness Each radiator is lockable.

 The advantages of the radio controller
Designed as a mobile phone, as easy to programme,
control and pilot with an Integrated help menu.
T.S.C. by EES     
Secured transmission and feedback thanks to the
ZigBee communication protocol.
You can easily check your electric consumption for
every radiator, each room or zone.
You can optimize your heating power supply
(75%, 50% or 25%) and save money from your
electricity contract.




Standards and Labels
EES radiators are individually tested at each stage of the production process.
The standards and labels awarded guarantee your safety: