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Ambelia Range
Gentle and comforting heat which does not dry up the air.
New exclusive CyclopeŽ thermoregulation system accessible everywhere and to everybody.
Only EES can cuddle you this way!
Ambelia Range
The aluminium heating body contributes to the best heat exchange, like normal wet central heating but without any pipes.
The thermodynamic fluid, especially designed for EES, favours optimum circulation and quickly diffuses heat on all the exchange surface of the radiator. Its components also contribute to the permanent “hot point” effect.
Ambelia has been designed for the installer to be quick and easy to install, with features such as pre-wired electrical connections and fast fit, simple, secure assembly wall fixing brackets kit.
The Classic range of electric radiators is equipped with a lockable thermostat thanks to the EES electromagnetic key delivered with each radiator.
6 outputs from 750 to 2000 W.
2 options to suit your needs: the Cyclope® radio controlled system and the Classic range
With the Cyclope® radio controlled range you can pilot your overall electric heating installation. You are able to set and program the accurate temperature of the room from the Radio Control onto each radiator. You are also able to calculate the flow of electricity needs. The set temperature on the Kalirel Cyclope® radiator is accurately shown in half a degree centigrade.
Designed as a mobile phone, as easy to programme, control and pilot with an Integrated help menu.
T.S.C. by EES     
Secured transmission and feedback thanks to the ZigBee communication protocol.
You can easily check your electric consumption for every radiator, each room or zone.
You can optimize your heating power supply (75%, 50% or 25%) and save money from your electricity contract.


The Classic range is equipped with an electronic thermostat that can work either as a stand alone or can be programmed with a pilot wire timer- programmer.
15 EES radiators can be piloted and individually controlled in 4 different zones with one Cyclope® Users can optimise their thermostat settings to save heating costs and conserve energy, complying with the Energy efficiency requirements in the Building Regulations part L.

Ambelia 900 W

Ambelia 1500
Technical specifications
Dimensions (mm)
Ambelia CyclopeŽ radio Ambelia Classic
Watts (w) Height Width Depth
750 580 540 80 AMB CY2 075053 AMB CL 075053
900 580 620 80 AMB CY2 090061 AMB CL 090061
1200 580 780 80 AMB CY2 120077 AMB CL 120077
1500 580 940 80 AMB CY2 150093 AMB CL 150093
1800 580 1020 80 AMB CY2 180101 AMB CL 180101
2000 580 1180 80 AMB CY2 200117 AMB CL 200117





Standards and Labels
EES radiators are individually tested at each stage of the production process.
The standards and labels awarded guarantee your safety: